Why Aslan?

When I was in grade one (1990-91) my teacher gave me The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as a present. I read the book and I fell for Aslan and Narnia. Whenever Aslan came on the scene, I was filled with hope and I knew nothing bad could happen while he was there, he would make everything right and just. I know that when I finally pass from this world I won't go to heaven, hell or roam the astral plane, etc I will go to Narnia and find Aslan. And no I won't find Jesus or God even though I know that Aslan and the Emperor are allegories for them. When I get there it'll be a big ass BBC style Aslan waiting for me. :) Also I still have that original book sitting in my bookcase, and bought an exact cover copy to use as my reading copy.